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Welcome to Autism Home Support!

Autism Home Support is a consulting business which provides tutoring, consulting, training and support for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our goal is to provide information and links to parents in order to be better informed advocates for their children in the public school system, private school system or in their daily living environments.

“I am a homeschooling mother of an 8 year old boy with mild autism. Jenn has tutored him once weekly for over a year and has made quite an impact on his education. Her consistent patience and creativity have contributed to his confidence in learning math and reading comprehension. She is able to break up the monotony of book work and he actually enjoys doing work book pages now. "Math girl" as my son nicknamed Jenn, is truly interested in Justin's education and she is a friend to our whole family now. Her knowledge of autism and sensory integration disorder keep her from being surprised by any behavior. Her continuing education thru seminars and conferences has been valuable. If there is a new development in autism research, Jenn knows about it and passes on the information. I appreciate her professionalism, flexibility, and kindness and I recommend her services to anyone struggling to educate a child with autism.”